Cody atop Mt. Democrat

Meet the Artist

My name is Cody Oldham and I am a eighteen-year-old wildlife and landscape painter.  I’ve been painting since I was eleven years old.  There is nothing else I would rather do.

I paint for hours every day, either in the studio or en plein air, always working to improve.  Some paintings come out better than others, but I know that not every painting is going to be a masterpiece. I’m always pushing myself harder and trying new things.  Experimentation is learning.

Living in the mountains of Colorado, I’m surrounded by wildlife and vast landscapes which are inspiring to me. From the leaf on a tree to a dramatic mountain scene, my environment motivates me in many different ways.  Every time I look at an animal’s face or into its eyes, I think of a new idea for a painting.

Every day I’m grateful to have the opportunity to learn more and express myself in my paintings.